Finally, I can relax in a dental chair!

There's something comforting about finding a good dentist
Lancaster and Palmdale dentist, Dr. Celia Infante
Dr. Celia Infante (above) joined Lilia Galindo on "Cafe con leche" radio station KUTY, 1470 to discuss her methods of dental hygiene and treatment.
by Jim Beach
Times News correspondent

I was listening to Radio-KUTY in Los Angeles the other day and caught an interesting interview with a popular dentist from north Los Angeles County's high desert area of Palmdale and Lancaster, California. A beautiful area tucked against the "smog-free" north side of the San Gabriel Mountains in the Antelope Valley. And since my wife and I frequent this area quite often, and we're both looking for a new dentist, I was intrigued.
Her name is Celia Infante Hernandez, DDS -- better known as "Dr. Infante" around her dental practice. I learned that she is known for the phrases that patients, and I too, like to hear: "Artistic expert dentistry" with "pain-free numbing" and a "gentle touch."

Since our long-time dentist retired we've been trying to find another small and personal-type office where there's one good and dedicated dentist as opposed to those factory-style dental mills cranking out patients who sometimes must see a different "part-time" dentist and staff each visit. Been there. Done that. I have stories!

Best-laid plans
My plan was to make a dental checkup appointment and interview Dr. Infante myself for my Times News column while on our way to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, just up the road. My wife would position herself in the waiting room to talk with other patients and observe the staff. Surprisingly the plan worked perfectly.

First of all, the patients there seemed delighted and lucky to have found Dr. Infante. They like her, her methods, her prices and the short wait in the waiting room. "She does it all," said one elderly patient.

The interesting  journey of Dr. Infante
From the radio and my own interview I learned that Dr. Celia Infante realized at a young age that she was meant to help others. As one of 13 siblings born in Guadalajara, Mexico, to dedicated parents who supported her altruistic passion, she began early in her journey of pursuing a higher education, ultimately leading to a career in dentistry.

After receiving her doctorate from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico, Dr. Infante relocated to the United States where she went on to pursue her Doctor of Dental Surgery License in the State of California. With this achievement and years of experience working with patients, Dr. Infante perfected her own style of "artistic, expert and gentle dentistry."

Dr. Celia Infante Hernandez is now the founder and owner of C.I. Dentistry, a well-known dental practice that since 1998 has provided patients state-of-the-art technology and effective treatments. Known for her artistic, expert and gentle touch, Dr. Infante works one-on-one with every patient to help them achieve good dental health and to reach their individual cosmetic goals. That's where the "artistic" comes in.

The doctor's staff
My wife reported that her staff is made up of four young ladies who really know their stuff. Ms. Beach has experience in staff management and reported that her staff works as a friendly team with no moody, passive-aggressive attitudes -- as is normally the case in many medical offices. These ladies are knowledgeable, meticulous, well-adjusted and openly like each other -- the perfect formula for any staff, according to the Mrs. They are also helpful and friendly without being patronizing and quickly get to the business of running a smooth operation. 

Botox and fillers
My wife also discovered that Dr. Infante is registered and qualified to apply Botox and Fillers for odontological and cosmetic purposes. This was reported to me with a big grin from my better half.
The doctor is also an expert at white fillings, all porcelain dental crowns, tooth extractions, teeth replacement, implants, dental bridges, partial dentures and full dentures, repairs and relines for existing dentures, dental inlays and outlays -- she does it all.
After meeting the doctor my wife immediately made herself an appointment during our return from the mountains the next week.

Dr. Infante is highly artistic with smile analysis and smile design, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, lumineers, implants, certified teeth-straightening and complete smile makeovers. She does it all. She's also a big believer in aesthetic, cosmetic care to build self esteem as well as good health.

Happy as a clam
As a patient I can say that I was "truly relaxed" in a clean and modern atmosphere, where I was well-taken care of by Dr. Infante and her effecient staff. Pain-free shots were a first for me and nitrous oxide is offered as an option for intense anxiety. But like I said, I was truly and totally relaxed with a great view of the Pelona Vista foothills from my dental chair.
By the way, those hills have some beautiful hiking trails that include great views of the Antelope Valley.

Hollywood ending
My wife learned that Dr. Infante is married to Hector Hernandez, a civil engineer and part-time movie and TV actor. The couple have a daughter who is attending California State University. In her spare time, Dr. Infante enjoys reading, traveling, hiking and biking, as well as learning to play the piano. She enjoys Zumba dance exercising, and above all, she enjoys spending time with her large family of 13 siblings (see family photo). Dr. Infante credits her family and is her inspiration for her success.

I must say that we were very impressed with Dr. Infante (our new dentist) and her whole operation. She receives our recommendation and the "BEST CHOICE" publisher's plaque, seen at the top of this article. Visit

The best Palmdale dentist in the Antelope Valley and Lancaster, California is Dr, Celia Infante, DDS