AVORS Orthopedic Medical Group
Launches New Website

It's been quite a year for fast-growing AVORS Medical Group. Just after moving into their new and larger facility in Southern California's Antelope Valley, setting up two satellite offices while selecting new physicians to join the Group, the orthopedic medical practice has launched their new and informative website.

"We needed a website that explains who and what we are, and what we do for our patients," explained Lydia Baker, AVORS' practice manager. "This is a special place, and we needed a special website that would also tell the story of how we came about." 

Lydia went on to say,"Our website also needed to address our orthopedic philosophies and treatment methods, and to introduce AVORS physicians and staff to the public." 

The new AVORS website does just that. Every physician, and each person that makes up AVORS Medical Group -- all 26 (and growing) -- are pictured with their biography.

The first thing you see is the new AVORS building that incorporates their logo and explains the AVORS acronym:
Antelope Valley Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Specialists.
From there are links to doctors, orthopedic news, staff bios and the AVORS story.

Their story includes the treatment of headaches to backaches to hip replacements and every problem joint in the body, head to toe -- and how each of AVORS' doctors and surgeons are specialists in different areas and joints of the body. All are experts in pain management, and the very latest non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical techniques for orthopedic conditions like fractures, repairs, sports injuries, wounds, diseases and much more.

Lydia, when looking for a web designer, followed a local recommendation and called Birgit "BB" Owen of OwenArt.com who knew exactly what they wanted. BB interviewed and photographed every AVORS doctor, clinical staff and administrator to gather information from every level.

"I basically 'camped out' here for a week, asking questions and talking to everyone, including patients to get a feel for this unique medical practice," said BB. "As a result, everyone at AVORS contributed and is a part of our website," she said.

Most notably is a big "moving" blue icon of the human body that follows the web user throughout the site. The AVORS "blueman," as they call him, has a golden glow that moves to each area needing orthopedic attention -- a constant reminder of what AVORS attends to and heals.

According to BB Owen, today's websites must operate on all devices, not just computers, but tablets, phones and any devise that connects to the internet.

"New hand-device coding must be in place to reach all users. If something on the website moves or changes, it needs to work everywhere," explained BB.

A quick test of the AVORS website on a hand-held device shows the illuminating "blueman" perpetually doing his job showing where joint pain occurs.

Users can go to the new AVORS website at http://www.avorsmedgroup.com.