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Rockford Files painting of "29 Cove Road" Malibu trailer art 
This particular "Cove Road" print #29 hangs on the wall of script writer Rob Howe, the creator/moderator of The Official James Garner Fan Page on Facebook. Howe was a staff member during the Rockford Files TV show and the movies that followed. The painting is also available as a limed edition giclee wall hanging (see link below).
In honor of the newly-released book, The Garner Files, by James Garner and Jon Winokur, California motorsports artist, Beacham Owen has painted a group "portrait" of the famous vehicles from the popular TV show of the 1970s and early 1980s. The painting* is titled, "Cove Road" and sells for $59 (artist-signed giclee print) from Owen Art Studios.

According to Owen and the huge fan-base of The Rockford Files aficionados, after James Garner and the show's regulars, the co-stars of the show were the vehicles, starting with the beautifully ugly beach-side trailer that Jim Rockford called home in Paradise Cove, Malibu -- an actual place that one can visit today, sans trailer and the section of the parking lot where the trailer took residence during the show. Flanking the rusting and corroded home is Rockford's trusty and powerful Pontiac Firebird and his father, Rocky's (played by Noah Beery, Jr.) GMC 4x4 truck. And, that's what the painting shows, along with a begging seagull standing in the parking lot foreground.

* A limit edition of 500 reproductions of the "Cove Road" art is available to Rockford File fans exclusively from Owen Art Studios -- link below.

The new book has had rave, even affectionate reviews from coast to coast and abroad and looks to be a huge success. Read the Los Angeles Times review -- link below.

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