Pilot, Gary Pidgeon Paints Motorsports Art

Commercial pilot, Gary Pidgeon has been creating beautiful first-rate paintings of cars, motorcycles and aircraft since he was a kid growing up in Southern California. But just to make sure he wouldn't end up a talented but starving artist, he went to college to study his art and also aeronautics.

When you're passionate about something and lucky enough to have artistic talent the first thing you do is draw and paint your passion, then you go out and do it for real. That's what Gary Pidgeon did.

Not long ago Gary emailed California-based Owen Art Studios to see if they could help introduce his motorsports art to the international market. Owen Art Studios specializes in unique motorsports artworks and has been very successful in supplying the world's motoring enthusiasts with quality art, paintings and giclees since the 1980s.

According to the Studio, Gary sent over a photo of his Johnny "Rutherford at Indy" -- a 6-foot-wide bright yellow Chaparral Indy Car painting that he created years ago and they were blown away. He then sent over a Michael Schumacher Ferrari painting and they said they would love to help him and even print out his giclees and put them on their web gallery for the world to see. The Studio is also the home of fellow motorsports artist Beacham Owen who was very impressed with Gary's work.

Emigrating from England in 1946, Gary Pidgeon's mother and father settled in the Los Angeles area, where he was born. His father was a machinist-fabricator and a sports car enthusiast who introduced young Gary to the world of motorsports and machines. Gary was soon driving his parents crazy by painting everything in sight. Raised on a steady diet of go-carts, dirt bikes, road bikes and everything from Datsun 510s to Chevrolet Corvettes, Gary became engulfed in the SoCal auto and aerospace culture. These interests worked their way into his paintings and quickly became the thematic focus for his artwork.

Gary's drawing ability transitioned into vibrant acrylic paintings, gaining recognition by the community and winning awards. It was a proud moment for Gary when one of his paintings ("Rutherford at Indy") caught the attention of 3-time Indy 500 champ Johnny Rutherford and he called to discuss purchasing it. Although Gary studied art in college, his passion for aviation drew him to the air and he obtained his private pilot license. The racing urge still strong, Gary enrolled in a 3-day driving course at the old, classic Riverside International Raceway with the Jim Russell British School of Motor Racing. He also participated in some school sponsored run-offs a few months later. But fully catching the flying "bug," he obtained an instrument rating, a commercial license with flight instructor ratings and ultimately an Airline Transport Pilot license. Gary finally achieved one of his dreams by becoming a commercial airline pilot with SkyWest Airlines who are booked through AirTran Airways, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines in the eastern U.S.

Always artistically committed, Gary has been absorbing influences and refining his style for many years. He painted whenever raising a family and his pilot career allowed. Now, with his two daughters grown up and off to college, Gary is very excited to be able to devote more time to his art and now, share it with the public! The public can now see his work at the Owen Art Studios' online gallery at www.owenartstudios.com.