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In her "near-futuristic" novel, she writes:
 The state starts moving money around. A little fairness here, little more fairness there. . . . 

Eventually social democracies all arrive at the same tipping point: where half the country depends on the other half. . . . Government becomes a pricey, clumsy, inefficient mechanism for transferring wealth from people who do something to people who don’t, and from the young to the old — which is the wrong direction. All that effort, and you’ve only managed a new unfairness.

Slouching into Dystopia - A wry squint into our grim future

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/445502/lionel-shriver-dystopian-novel-the-mandibles

BUSINESS and INDUSTRY (Times-News Archives)

Asbury Technical Institute has produced 36 techs who were hired into Asbury stores so far

Automotive News
July 6, 2015 - 12:01 am ET

ATLANTA -- While some dealers scream about technician shortages, Asbury Automotive Group is trying to plug those gaps by training more of its techs in-house.

Craig Monaghan
CEO Asbury
The public dealership group launched Asbury Technical Institute last year in a former dealership in suburban Atlanta. So far, the school has produced 36 techs who were hired into jobs at Asbury stores. Another 25 or so are expected to graduate this year.

The school is expected to help Asbury reach its goal of adding between 200 and 400 technicians in the next couple of years.

"These students are moving right back into our stores and adding value in a relatively short period of time, so we just think it's a win-win for everybody," Asbury CEO Craig Monaghan told Automotive News.

Technicians themselves were the impetus for the school. Some Asbury master techs approaching retirement told executives they'd like to stay with the company in teaching roles. At the time, Asbury was moving an Audi dealership to a new site, which freed up the service department space at the old store. The first class of 12 technicians graduated in September, just in time to start filling open positions at Asbury's Atlanta-area Nalley dealerships.

"We're always on the edge of having enough technicians," said Ryland Owen, Asbury regional director of training and recruiting.

The volume of work in Asbury's service departments grew during the recession, and that has continued, Owen said. At the same time, the repair industry has suffered from a decline in people interested in becoming technicians, creating bottlenecks for dealerships.

Ryland Owen
Asbury regional director of training/recruiting,
former IMSA Racing official 
"You combine all these forces, and we realized we were coming to a point where we just can't plain do enough work for customers and meet their needs and grow our business unless we have enough technicians," Owen said. "And we're faced with a general lack of technicians in the marketplace. Corporate decided let's make an investment here."

Tool set to go
Asbury declined to say how much it has spent on the institute. The available space meant capital costs were relatively low, but it's still a significant investment. Asbury pays the students a $12 hourly wage for 40 hours a week during their 12-week training. The retailer gives each of them a $5,000 tool set upon graduation.

Graduates must agree to work at Asbury for at least a year. So far, four have left early, including one for health reasons. That's still less than Owen expected, based on industry norms for beginner techs. Anyone leaving early must return the tools and pay a prorated amount of the training costs.

The students are a mix of ages and backgrounds. About 20 percent come from jobs at Asbury stores -- porters or car washers looking to move up, for instance, Owen said. Others are referred by Asbury employees, often friends or relatives, or answer ads that Asbury posts on the Internet. Students have ranged in age from 18 to mid-40s. Most have some exposure to auto repair, even if only through high school auto shop classes. About two-thirds of school time is spent doing hands-on, in-shop training, and the rest is classroom instruction.

The school graduates a class every four months. Upon graduation, students become entry-level technicians, but they do more than just oil changes, Owen said. "These are people who will go to a store and do basic maintenance," he said.

Asbury will consider adding schools in other markets if the Atlanta center continues to perform well, Monaghan said. The company has locations in North Carolina and Florida that could be candidates, Owen said.

'Into the fire'
For graduates, the training continues on the job at the dealership, and wages can increase swiftly.

Jonathan Hambrick, 24, graduated from the program last fall and began working at Nalley BMW of Decatur. He now makes $18 an hour and recently bought his first house. Hambrick had worked as a mechanic before but had no formal training. He was referred to the program by a friend who works at a Nalley Infiniti store.

The tool set and the job guarantee appealed to Hambrick, who said he probably wouldn't have gone back to mechanic work without the program.

"I had such a bad experience," Hambrick said. "I had worked at two mom-and-pop shops in the past. In the dealership setting, there's a lot more give and take and more understanding, more professionalism, more laid-out guidelines of what you're supposed to do."

He's doing a full range of jobs at the BMW store.

"When I first came out of tech school, it was straight into the fire," Hambrick said. "So far, it's worked out."


Called "the health care of the future" -- a unique family medical practice in the high desert of Southern California 

North Los Angeles County - Antelope Valley

Located in Lancaster - Palmdale, California, Dr. Susan M. Nasser, primary care physician Board Certified in family medicine, now offers her services in a new family medical practice called Family First. Dr. Nasser represents one of the most popular and expanding areas of medicine, considered by many to be "the health care of the future."

Dr. Susan M. Nasser of FamilyFirst Medical Practice in the Antelope Valley.
Thanks to Oprah Winfrey's Dr. Oz and the many doctors on PBS-TV pushing the 'new' scientific findings of lifestyle, nutrition and a longer, healthier life -- people are now understanding how Dr. Susan Nasser has been treating her patients for over a decade.     

According to Dr. Nasser, "Most doctors say to their patients, you have this disease; and this is what you need to take. "What I say is, This is ‘why’ you have this disease; and this is how we are going to take control of it."

Her philosophy is that education is the true path of a doctor (from the Latin word “docere” meaning to teach), and applying this knowledge can provide powerful life-changing effects on your health and longevity.

Dr. Nasser feels the most important roles as a physician involves empowering patients with education related to their overall health and well-being.

Dr. Susan Nasser is a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) and is Board Certified in Family Medicine. She is one of a few doctors in the Antelope Valley certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) to give private and commercial pilot physical exams for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class flight certifications.

She is highly trained and skilled in family medicine which includes internal medicine and pediatrics, as well as general medicine and geriatrics -- from newborns to 90-year-olds -- from minor ailments to acute and chronic illnesses.

Dr. Nasser also utilizes lifestyle and diet as an important part of overall "whole body" health. She says, "You can also create a healthy state just by changing your diet or activity level."

Born and raised in Wyoming, Dr. Susan Nasser graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1995 with a BS degree in Physiology and Zoology. She then earned her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree from Western University of Health Sciences in 2001. 
With her husband, Dr. Thomas Nasser, an orthopedic physician and surgeon, she journeyed to Toledo, Ohio where she completed her three-year residency in Family Medicine.  

She and her family moved to California's Antelope Valley in 2004. 

Since 2005 she has been an active part of the Children’s Center of the Antelope Valley in Lancaster, California and today serves on the Executive Board of Directors.

She is also affiliated with Women and Infants Pavilion in Lancaster, CA; Antelope Valley Hospital and the Palmdale Regional Medical Center in Palmdale, CA. 

Dr. Nasser knows that “Your health starts with you.” An appointment with Dr. Susan Nasser would be the first step to significantly help attain and maintain optimum health. Osteopathic physicians like to act as a team leader with their patients -- treating and teaching them to ultimately manage and control their health and well-being.

Family First - Family Medical Practice is located at 42135 10th Street West, Suite 201, Lancaster, CA  93534.
The phone number is (661) 341-3800  

Burkey & Cox CPA firm is loading up with Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors

Palmdale - Lancaster, Southern California

These days both large and small companies are using QuickBooks software to enter their bank transactions, create estimates, invoices, manage and pay bills, payroll, inventory, etc. and the list goes on. Then they have the ability to turn all this information over to a their CPA firm -- saving loads of time and ultimately, money.

 Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors are experts who have been tested and certified by Intuit on a range of QuickBooks products. They are typically CPAs and advanced accountants and auditors working for CPA firms.

One CPA firm in particular is adding Certified Quickbooks experts and making accounting even easier and more streamlined for their clients. Burkey, Cox, Evans and Bradford of Southern California's Antelope Valley has jumped on this trend and works with their QuickBook-using clients hand-in-hand with their accounting preparation.

Certified ProAdvisors at Burkey & Cox are helping businesses get the most out of their QuickBooks software. They provide a range of services, including: QuickBooks setup, training, payroll and consulting, among others.

Burkey & Cox partner, Laura Bradford explains, "Our certified pro advisors show the clients how to operate and properly enter their information so we can do our magic and reduce their company tax bills, operating costs and even more."

"Our motto is: It's not what you earn... it's what you keep."
And we are relentless in achieving that for our clients," Bradford emphasized.
The most valuable part of the pro advisor program seems to be the Certification Training. These pro advisors learn so much each year and use that knowledge to better serve our clients.

The late Lorraine Holt, ProAdvisor
"I am excited about the additional insight I received," said Lorraine Holt. "And I look forward to better serving our clients by sharing with them this higher level of expertise -- either over the phone or one-on-one at their office."
Brenda Cohen, ProAdvisor
Lorraine was not "new" to QuickBooks. She had been using the program since 1998. Over the years she had helped many clients with companies of all sizes.

Charissa Crouch, CPA, ProAdvisor
Kyle Lindaman, CPA, ProAdvisor

Other Burkey Cox CPAs, accountants and staff are: 
Partners: Scott Evans, CPA, CFP, Laura A. Bradford, CPA, Harold W. Manning, CPA
CPAs, Accountants, Auditors: Jennifer M. Evans, CPA, Kenneth S. Evans, CPA, Janette Henriquez, CPA, Kyle M. Lindaman, CPA, Brenda Cohen, Charissa Crouch, CPA, Lorraine Holt, Chris Horne, Raymond Langley, Darci O'Neal, Cheryl Prescott, Stacy Ren, Terrie Ruiz, Robin Zink,
Payroll Services: Kim Redding
Partners' Assistants: Bobbie Simmons, Victoria Gehring, Charma Leonard,
Administrative: Joan Brautigam, Jessica Busic, Rancy Manning
Past: Terry L. Snedigar, Enrolled Agent - EA

"Best" Antelope Valley Accounting Firm gets new building In the Antelope Valley - Palmdale/Lancaster, CA

LOS ANGELES - Burkey, Cox, Evans & Bradford, CPAs "Voted Best Certified Public Accountants" have made the move from downtown Lancaster, California to a beautiful new and larger building located right off the 14 Freeway (at the Avenue N exit) between the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale, California in north Los Angeles County.
The new offices of Burkey, Cox Evans & Bradford provides the CPA firm with more and larger offices for staff members, partners, management and their state-of-the-art computer systems.

CPA and partner, Laura Bradford, said, "Our new place is much more convenient for our clients who come from all over the Antelope Valley and the surrounding mountain communities." The scenic 14 Freeway runs south through Acton, Agua Dulce, and Santa Clarita where it connects to I-5 and the rest of Los Angeles and Southern California. "Clients as far south as Santa Clarita or north from Mojave can now be at our front door in about 25 minutes." said Bradford.
Space goes here
Jerry Burkey, CPA and Gary Cox, CPA started the Certified Public Accountancy in 1956 and over the years added new partners to form today's Burkey, Cox, Evans & Bradford.
Space goes here
Scott Evans, CPA and partner joined the firm in 1981 and was born in the Antelope Valley. Scott is a believer in continuing education and is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner, Certified Valuation Analyst and a Licensed California Real Estate Broker.
Space goes here
Burkey Cox provides accounting, financial and tax services to the Antelope Valley including clients from the Los Angeles basin and Kern County. Clients come from Palmdale, Lancaster, Littlerock, Pear Blossom, Acton, Agua Dulce, Quartz Hill, Rosamond and Edwards Air Force Base, Ridgecrest, Green Valley, Canyon Country, Lake Los Angeles, Leona Valley, Mojave, Lake Hughes, Elizabeth Lake, Valyermo, Juniper Hills, Mount Gleason and Wrightwood plus the Santa Clarita Valley of Valencia, Newhall and Saugus.
This aerial photo was taken during construction of the new Burkey, Cox, Evans & Bradford CPA building -- Shown in the red circle at 1058 Avenue M-14 in Palmdale, California. Their phone number is (661) 948-0808. Email to mail@burkeycoxcpa.com.
Space goes here.
A recent grand opening celebration was attended by Palmdale mayor Jim Ledford who welcomed the firm to their new offices in Palmdale.
Space goes here.
Other Burkey Cox CPAs, accountants and staff are: 
Partners: Scott Evans, CPA, CFP, Laura A. Bradford, CPA, Harold W. Manning, CPA
CPAs, Accountants, Auditors: Jennifer M. Evans, CPA, Kenneth S. Evans, CPA, Janette Henriquez, CPA, Kyle M. Lindaman, CPA, Brenda Cohen, Charissa Crouch, CPA, Lorraine Holt, Chris Horne, Raymond Langley, Darci O'Neal, Cheryl Prescott, Stacy Ren, Terrie Ruiz, Robin Zink,
Payroll Services: Kim Redding
Partners' Assistants: Bobbie Simmons, Victoria Gehring, Charma Leonard,
Administrative: Joan Brautigam, Jessica Busic, Rancy Manning
Past: Terry L. Snedigar, Enrolled Agent - EA

AVORS Orthopedic Medical Group
Launches New Website

It's been quite a year for fast-growing AVORS Medical Group. Just after moving into their new and larger facility in Southern California's Antelope Valley, setting up two satellite offices while selecting new physicians to join the Group, the orthopedic medical practice has launched their new and informative website.

"We needed a website that explains who and what we are, and what we do for our patients," explained Lydia Baker, AVORS' practice manager. "This is a special place, and we needed a special website that would also tell the story of how we came about." 

Lydia went on to say,"Our website also needed to address our orthopedic philosophies and treatment methods, and to introduce AVORS physicians and staff to the public." 

The new AVORS website does just that. Every physician, and each person that makes up AVORS Medical Group -- all 26 (and growing) -- are pictured with their biography.

The first thing you see is the new AVORS building that incorporates their logo and explains the AVORS acronym:
Antelope Valley Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Specialists.
From there are links to doctors, orthopedic news, staff bios and the AVORS story.

Their story includes the treatment of headaches to backaches to hip replacements and every problem joint in the body, head to toe -- and how each of AVORS' doctors and surgeons are specialists in different areas and joints of the body. All are experts in pain management, and the very latest non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical techniques for orthopedic conditions like fractures, repairs, sports injuries, wounds, diseases and much more.

Lydia, when looking for a web designer, followed a local recommendation and called Birgit "BB" Owen of OwenArt.com who knew exactly what they wanted. BB interviewed and photographed every AVORS doctor, clinical staff and administrator to gather information from every level.

"I basically 'camped out' here for a week, asking questions and talking to everyone, including patients to get a feel for this unique medical practice," said BB. "As a result, everyone at AVORS contributed and is a part of our website," she said.

Most notably is a big "moving" blue icon of the human body that follows the web user throughout the site. The AVORS "blueman," as they call him, has a golden glow that moves to each area needing orthopedic attention -- a constant reminder of what AVORS attends to and heals.

According to BB Owen, today's websites must operate on all devices, not just computers, but tablets, phones and any devise that connects to the internet.

"New hand-device coding must be in place to reach all users. If something on the website moves or changes, it needs to work everywhere," explained BB.

A quick test of the AVORS website on a hand-held device shows the illuminating "blueman" perpetually doing his job showing where joint pain occurs.

Users can go to the new AVORS website at http://www.avorsmedgroup.com.

AVORS Orthopedic Medical Group grows into new building in Southern California

The meeting of two young doctors who were forced to share a small office in 2005 because of a hospital mixup, are now ironically moving into a large new building in the Antelope Valley of Southern California.  

Now, well-known as AVORS Medical Group in Los Angeles County (AVORS: Antelope Valley Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Specialists) has a phenomenal growth history. In a few short years the practice grew from the original two physicians: surgeon, Alon Antebi, D.O. with rehab and prosthetics specialist, Thomas S. Nasser, D.O. and then added rehab and spinal injuries specialist, Ajay K. Masih, M.D.

The three young doctors were gaining a reputation for passion, perfection and success using their “whole-body” approach to their healing craft. The AVORS secret of success seems to be their philosophy of treating the whole patient, cure and learn. And, by sharing discoveries these physicians contribute to the knowledge of musculoskeletal health care.

Soon other like-minded orthopedic specialists were carefully chosen for their knowledge in each part of the body to join the AVORS group. The AVORS stable of dedicated, enthusiastic doctors now has five orthopedic specialists that can treat patients literally from head (and brain) to toe. 

The new and larger medical facility that now accommodates the team of specialists, their expanding support staff and their own rehabilitation rooms and equipment has shaped itself into the facility that the doctors envisioned for an optimal healing environment.

The AVORS orthopedic and rehabilitation specialists are: 

Board Certified Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon

Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon, Wound Specialist

Board Certified Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Andrew J. Heller, D.P.M.

Board Certified Basic & Reconstructive Foot Surgery

Visit the AVORS website for the latest information on the doctors and staff: http://www.avorsmedgroup.com

Mike Busse and WESTCANN helping newspapers to gather new ad revenue

WESTCANN (the Western States Co-Op Advertising Newspaper Network) is a non-profit organization of western U.S. and Canadian newspapers dedicated to new business development.
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Simply put: The past conference in March, 2011 demonstrated to newspaper ad sales people how to find and gather new advertising co-op money for their publications.
Space bar goes here.
This 31st conference was hosted by the Los Angeles Times. This is the only nationwide Sales Conference that provides valuable information on how to capture co-op ad dollars. Newspaper people from all regions of the US were invited to attend. Take it from me ... you will reward yourself and your media company by attending the next conference.
The Los Angeles Times hosted the 31st WESTCANN Conference. Attendees stayed at the nearby Grand Kyoto Hotel and Gardens.
Space bar goes here.
Mike Busse founded WESTCANN to teach advertising professionals how to translate hidden dollars into new business for newspapers. They will learn about the new co-op procedures that make the process simple. Manufacturers will present new co-op advertising opportunities and will tell you how their money can be used through advertising by local independent retailers.
Space bar goes here.
Their speakers have sold millions of dollars of new business revenue into their newspapers by using co-op advertising as a base. Co-op advertising funds billions of dollars of local advertising nationwide but most of the money made available by manufacturers for local advertising goes unused.

WESTCANN has made arrangements with The Grand Kyoto Hotel and Gardens to offer a special half-price discount for Conference  goers. The hotel is within walking distance to the Times building.

Space bar goes here.
The people attending the next conference will meet and learn from "the best of the best" at this profit-making sales gathering.
Space bar goes here.
Before Mike Busse founded WESTCANN in 1989 he had headed the Los Angeles Times advertising office in New York City. Selling ads for a newspaper 3,000 miles away wasn't easy but the big ad agencies were all there and Mike excelled at pitching the LA Times' Southern California market to the national advertisers.
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During that time Mike discovered a fortune in hidden print advertising dollars available in just about every market. National companies have funds earmarked for local distributers of their products. The only problem is, unlike a major market like LA or New York, a sales rep for a local publication doesn't know who to call on to shake lose those dollars.
Space bar goes here.
Mike's story would make a good episode on AMC's "Mad Men," because when Mike went to New York, newspapers were flourishing. Now, many newspapers are struggling with printing, delivery and operating costs and competing with the 'undocumented' news of the internet.
Space bar goes here.
Mike and the WESTCANN volunteers of working newspaper people have a dedicated affection for newspapers and want them to be around forever. I myself can't imagine a world without a printed newspaper delivered to my door every day. When you think about it, that's quite a service. And without advertising it would never have been.
Space bar goes here.
I had the pleasure of working and selling advertising with Mike Busse years ago at a daily newspaper chain in Southern California. Mike had just returned from Vietnam as a decorated soldier to his old sales job after serving our country in the U.S. Army. Even back then, Mike showed me and others how to tap into the co-op "vault." Soon I had several local appliance stores that advertised very little before, now running full page and double-truck ads on a weekly basis.
Space bar goes here.
Mike was soon snapped up by the L.A. Times and I never had a chance to thank him. It was a nice surprise to find out that he's still helping newspaper people and their organizations. Thanks Mike. -- Jim Owen
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Past WESTCANN host newspapers have been:
Orange County Register, Las Vegas Review Journal, Salt Lake City Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Times-News (Idaho), East Valley Tribune (Mesa, Arizona), Arizona Republic, Calgary Herald (Canada), Miles Media (Gig Harbor, WA), Oregonian (Portland, OR), San Diego News Tribune, Riverside Press Enterprise, San Bernardino Sun, Long Beach Press Telegram, San Jose Mercury News, San Jose State University, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle, Marinscope Newspapers

UPDATE: Michael C. Busse passed away on December 11, 2012.  
Mike was born on December 28, 1942 and was survived by wife, Gloria J. Busse; sons, Brad and Kurt Busse; mother, Lucille Busse, brother Kenneth and other relatives. 

A Celebration of his Life took place on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at St. John's Lutheran Church, Orange, CA. Please make donations to your local Veteran's Association in his honor.


The New Honda NC700X is Getting Dirty!
CLICK image to see larger.
Honda hasn't produced a "real" off-road Adventure bike out of its popular new eco-friendly NC700X but that didn't stop Owen Art Studios from adding the front and rear wheels, tires and suspension from Honda's XR650 off-road motorcycle. Of course this Owen Art version is all Photoshop but many owners have already installed knobby tires on the stock wheels and are reporting that their off-road equipped NC700x's can go anywhere a proper GS-type adventure bike can go -- and getting over 60 MPG off-road it can certainly go farther.

The new Honda sells for about $7000 and can get over 75 MPG on paved roads.

CLICK image to see larger.
 The owner of this NC700X has fabricated a protective bottom plate, off-road tires, extra lights and even added a winch for when the going gets really rough. He is also making suspension modifications and rugged saddle bags. 

RideApart.com a motorcycle news website tested the NC700X in off-road conditions and reported good results for a bike with nothing more than knobby tires added. 
Wes Siler reported: "Strip the plastic off the NC and you can see just how low and centralized its mass is.  While practicing low-speed control alongside other riders on everything from single-cylinder dirt bikes to the big KTMs and BMWs, the humble little Honda drew envious stares. Balance is so good and so easy, standing on it, both legs up, at 0mph, just comes naturally."
"The engine’s Diesel-like character — most torque is just above idle, there’s no benefit to revving it out to the redline — also sees it simply drive over any obstacle you can throw at it. Even very steep, walking pace climbs can be tackled in 2nd or 3rd gear; the NC will just walk right up whatever you ask it to. It helps, too, that the fueling is completely smooth and hiccup free. You can get off the clutch as soon as you pull away, then just control everything with only the throttle until you decide to come to a dead stop."
"That suspension that sounds so basic (just 5.4 inches of travel front and 5.9 rear), actually ends up being well damped. I was able to attack whoops in the sand and gravel at speed and, instead of bottoming out, the bike just floated over the top. In fact, I didn’t find the suspension’s stops once all weekend. Neither did I drag the low, exposed sump."
RideApart.com photo  
CLICK image to see larger.

Former racer Jerry Welch runs Lefty Guitar Store after motorcycle crash

Jerry Welch at the race track during his motorcycle racing days.
By Sam Burnes
SARASOTA, FL — Jerry Welch was a motorcycle road racer in the Southeast CCS (Championship Cup Series) region.  But before Jerry's motorcycle racing years he was a contractor, designer and builder of high-end houses and a self-taught guitar player. He bought his first guitar -- a right handed Martin Vega V845.
Space bar goes here. 
Guitar playing became his hobby and his passion. And, just as he was getting good he lost his left index finger in a construction accident. After the finger accident he thought his guitar playing days were done. Looking for another passion, he took up an interest in motorsports and eventually bought a street motorcycle and built a race bike for road racing events.
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Jerry's first season of racing netted him the #2 spot in the series. But like a lot of motorcycle racers who are fast, Jerry got banged up pretty bad over the years. He hit the 'bare' wall, head-first at Daytona International Speedway coming out of the chicane when his handle bar came loose. In addition to injuring knees, elbows and shoulders, his helmet visor cut a deep gash under his eye and he still suffers from double vision at night. He returned and built a brand new Suzuki SV650 with all the right stuff and went racing again. Doing quite well with the new bike he crashed at Moroso and broke his collar bone pretty bad. And, it took a long time to heal.
Space bar goes here.
Jerry, who's a muscular six-foot-something, soon realized that the bigger you are, the harder you fall and that maybe it was time for a guy in his late 40s to quit road racing motorcycles. So again, he was having to quit something he loved because of injuries.
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After he quit motorcycle racing and without a hobby, he decided he really wanted to play the guitar again and it seemed playing left handed was the answer. Having a full hand to fret with seemed more important than a full hand to strum with. So Jerry became a lefty player.   He banged around Jimi Hendrix-style on that 'turned around' Vega for years before deciding to find a factory lefty. Any lefty knows what happened next -- frustration. Not even 1% of guitars built are lefties, even though 8 to 10 percent of the population are lefties.
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Jerry eventually accumulated a large personal collection of about 25 left-handed guitars but was still unhappy with the limited choices all lefties have. He wanted more choices so he spoke with many manufacturers about making more models available. He was told pretty unanimously that they would be happy to make him lefties if he would order them in quantities that would make production feasible. So he did, and now he's a successful dealer of only left-handed guitars and string instruments.
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The business took off and today Jerry's Lefty Guitars is now a household name to left-handed guitar, mandolin and bass players the world over and offers hundreds of lefty guitars on his website, new and used.

Jerry Welch at the NAMM dealer show in California with custom woodcrafter and boat builder, Thomas Tuten in the foreground.

He's finally getting to play a wider range of instruments. As a matter of fact he's having guitar models built that have never been available before to lefties. You lefties can thank Jerry Welch for that.
Space bar goes here.
Jerry now has a huge collection of lefty guitars, a growing business that he's passionate about, and a nice collection of street and racing motorcycles in his garage, including his original Ducati M900 "Monster."
Space bar goes here.
He even claims that becoming a left-handed player after playing right handed for years is good exercise for the brain, and has a whole right brain, left brain usage thing on his website. If it does, in fact, make you smarter, I think I'll switch my mouse pad over to the left of my keyboard. It's a start.
Space bar goes here.
By the way, a short list of well-known lefty guitarists are Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos, David Cook of American Idle fame, Dick Dale, Iggi Pop, Elliot Easton head an all-star cast including other greats like Jackie King, Billy Hinds, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta, Toronzo Cannon, Al McKay of Earth, Wind, and Fire, Dean Tidey, Steve Hammond, Angel Reca, The Campbell brothers, Michael Anthony, Michael Lund, David Booker,  Tom Holland, Coco Montoya, Ollie Halsall, Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Andrew "Tone" Smith, Tony Iommi, Albert King, Davey Scott, Ronnie Mutone of The Roost, Jimmy Cliff and producer/perfomrer Michael Stein.
Visit Jerry's blog.
Or his website at jerrysleftyguitars.com

Danny K dances into the world-wide-web

dance lessons in Lancaster, Palmdale and the Antelope Valley

Well-known professional choreographer, dancer and instructor, Danny K of Lancaster's Studio 81 has an entertaining Facebook Page
Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale, CA -- Dance lessons specializing in ballroom, latin, quinceanera, west coast swing, cotillion, salsa and bachata, Danny also choreographs wedding and event performances for his clients. 

Whatever the event, Danny likes to get everybody dancing. And instructs them to look professional.

Wedding couple's first dance, father-daughter dance, and even a "show" from the wedding party really sparks up an event, according to Danny. 

His website even has a panel that reads, "Make Your Event the Talk of the Town."

Danny K made his dancing debut at the age of 8 and won 1st place in a talent show at age 11. Since that early start, Danny has studied many dance styles.

Along with teaching many dance styles, Danny is also an experienced Master of Ceremonies and is available to emcee any event of your choice. He is currently a speaker and Master of Ceremonies for the Antelope Valley Service Organization Association.

A former Wally Raye “highlighter”, entertaining in numerous dance productions and benefit performances mostly as a tap dancer. His most memorable day was when he had the chance to share a dressing room with his idol Cab Calloway and being his opening act.

Danny studied with many great legends and performers; Madame Roje and her famous castanets in the Legat system of the Russian Ballet, E. Virginia Williams founder of the Boston Ballet Company, and acrobatic training with former Vaudeville performers John and Lola Daly of Charlestown, Massachusetts, just to name a few.

Danny K became a partner at the Gene Murray Dance Academy in Salem, Massachusetts while studying advanced Tap at the June Taylor School of Dance; home of the Rockettes and dancers of the Jackie Gleason Television Show. At the same time he was taking Jazz classes at the Luigi Dance Centre in New York City.

While studying in New York City, Danny met the famous theatrical photographer James J. Kriegsmann and the dance team of “Murray and Ayres” was created. Ayres was Danny K’s stage name. "Murray and Ayres" performed at many well-known supper clubs in the country. There are many fond memories of fun both Gene and Danny share today. Gene Murray, after closing his Dance Academy after 35 years, is now on the faculty of the renowned Boston Ballet Company.
Gene Murray and Danny K as "Murray and Ayres"
Next, the independent world of the Arthur Murray Dance Studios entered Danny’s life, where he received Ballroom, Latin, and Teacher Training. Danny had the opportunity to work with Julius Kaiser, Bobby Medeiros, Vicki Venka, and Carlos Rosario to name a few. He also had the pleasure of working for Fred Astaire Dance Studios while he was living in Austin, Texas.

He travelled across the United States, teaching and giving dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Boston, Milwaukee, and Salt Lake City, entering the organization’s Medal Balls, Showcases, and Dance O’Ramas. He became a number one specialist teacher and won several top teacher awards including top instructor in “The Tournament of Champions.”

California here I come! 

Upon arriving at the Arthur Murray Dance School in San Jose, California, Danny met Bill and Floy Ranells. They introduced Danny to Dance Holiday Cruises, which gave him an opportunity to work on his social dancing skills. He travelled to places like Victoria, British Columbia, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, the Grand Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, and on a European Dance Holiday Cruise to Germany, Austria, Italy, and Greece, ending with a magical journey to the Greek Islands. Danny was also giving dance lessons onboard shop. He then went on to manage the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Fresno, California. 
Under his management, the Fresno Dance Studio was one of the top three in California, mainly due to Danny's easy-to-understand dance lessons.

Currently Danny’s private and group dance lessons are taught at Lancaster, California's Dance Studio 81. Danny will travel SoCal to give dance lessons or event advise. He now teaches using the DVIDA Dance Syllabus, recently completed the preliminary Certification from the Golden State Dance Teachers Association (GSDTA) with Skippy Blair, and will be completing training for LaBlast, Louis Van Amstel’s partner free dance fitness program. LaBlast will be offered by Danny K beginning in September.

A R T • H O M E • D E C O R

Rockford Files painting of "29 Cove Road" Malibu trailer art 
This particular "Cove Road" print #29 hangs on the wall of script writer Rob Howe, the creator/moderator of The Official James Garner Fan Page on Facebook. Howe was a staff member during the Rockford Files TV show and the movies that followed. The painting is also available as a limed edition giclee wall hanging (see link below).
In honor of the newly-released book, The Garner Files, by James Garner and Jon Winokur, California motorsports artist, Beacham Owen has painted a group "portrait" of the famous vehicles from the popular TV show of the 1970s and early 1980s. The painting* is titled, "Cove Road" and sells for $59 (artist-signed giclee print) from Owen Art Studios.

According to Owen and the huge fan-base of The Rockford Files aficionados, after James Garner and the show's regulars, the co-stars of the show were the vehicles, starting with the beautifully ugly beach-side trailer that Jim Rockford called home in Paradise Cove, Malibu -- an actual place that one can visit today, sans trailer and the section of the parking lot where the trailer took residence during the show. Flanking the rusting and corroded home is Rockford's trusty and powerful Pontiac Firebird and his father, Rocky's (played by Noah Beery, Jr.) GMC 4x4 truck. And, that's what the painting shows, along with a begging seagull standing in the parking lot foreground.

* A limit edition of 500 reproductions of the "Cove Road" art is available to Rockford File fans exclusively from Owen Art Studios -- link below.

The new book has had rave, even affectionate reviews from coast to coast and abroad and looks to be a huge success. Read the Los Angeles Times review -- link below.

See the "Cove Road" painting bigger with information at the
Owen Art Studios website.

The Los Angeles Times' Mary McNamara delivered an insightful review of the book, The Garner Files.

Interesting Rockford Files Blog by Jim Suva contains many photos including film location shots.

The Rockford Files Firebirds Facebook page